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    Believing in the role played by modern education, King Abdel Aziz University was determined to participate gravely in the promotion of the education process for a better distinguished education. This is done through a special program on an education diploma that deepens the concepts of developing curriculums, teaching methods, education psychology and education management for the teaching staff who took teaching as a profession and education as a message.

     As for each profession arts and skills and the art of education cannot be performed but by a professional. Teaching skills cannot be applied unless by someone who mastered them. The program of general diploma in Jeddah works for more than 10 years on educating the university cultural person in all the educational specializations behaviorally and educationally in order to carry the right message through giving them the opportunity to theoretically study the educational specializations in this diploma program and practically to apply the theories of the curriculums basis, teaching methods, growth psychology, producing the educational methods, managing the educational stage and the school management in the schools of the general education.

     Since this diploma program is one of the many services provided by the University Secretary for higher studies and scientific research in order to serve the society, its scientific and morale impacts are still reflected on thus profession of prophets and messengers, who carry the message of light to all parts of our precious country and as our Prophet Mohamed, Peace Be Upon Him, said: "I was sent as a teacher